A New Challenge – MTBoS Mission #6

So – I finally figured out (with the help of Tina C on twitter) how to start a Virtual Filing Cabinet page on my own blog here. Currently there is a small clickable link right above my unwieldy blog title. I am in the process of gathering worthwhile links that have been languishing under my Safari bookmark tab. I hope that this will continue to be a work in progress and I hope to be able to figure out how to make the Virtual Filing Cabinet title much more prominent so that it can capture the attention of any eyes that wander through here.


One thought on “A New Challenge – MTBoS Mission #6”

  1. I wrote my MTBoS entry on my love for Delicious. Yes, yet another website and password and all, but I like it for being easy to use. But, I use it mostly for students and the teacher-stuff is mostly marked private.

    I’m now considering adding a “file cabinet” to my webpage (like yours) for more teacher-related links.

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