Looking Ahead

Excited about news at my school. We’re working on a job description for a fall 2014 hire. Looking to bridge between the math and science departments. We are hoping to find someone to teach some upper level math and work with our freshman in our STEM foundations class. Our school has made commitments to cross curricular work in a couple of important courses. We have a two period class that is co-taught by our history dept chair and our English dept chair called Seminar in American Studies. We have a course called Creative Spirit that is taught by our Performing Arts dept chair and one of our studio art teachers. So, we know how to make this work. Our next challenge is to define a job for a teacher who will work with both our math curriculum and our science curriculum. We are in our first year of an exciting 9th grade course called STEM Foundations and as math chair, I am excited to see and hear what they are up to. I know we are going to continue moving forward in this direction and this hire will be an important one. Who out there is interested in being part of this project? 

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  1. Wow, that sounds like a dream situation. I love hearing how you guys are trying so many exciting cross-curriculum classes. I am trying to get the teachers in my district to see the value of this idea, starting with the design and implementation of PBL’s, but it has been a challenge to get people to think outside their curriculum. I wish you the very best in finding the right person.

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