TMC17 Reflection Addendum

I am kind of embarrassed that I forgot one of the best highlights of the TMC17 conference. A while ago I received a tweet from John Golden (@mathhombre) asking if we could have a video chat about calculus. He was putting together an idea about a resource for his calculus students and wanted a variety of perspectives. Well, after a series of attempts we finally settled on a group chat on Saturday night. It was pretty loud everywhere on the lobby level so I offered my room as a quiet refuge. I had the joy of chatting about calculus with John, Jasmine Walker (@jaz_math), Edmund Harriss (@gelada), and David Butler (@DavidKButlerUofA) You can find our conversation here


I was SO flattered to be asked to do this and it was such a blast to chat with these four lovely and brilliant people. I told John on Sunday that I was jealous of his students. My apologies for having this wonderful experience slip my mind when I posted earlier today.

2 thoughts on “TMC17 Reflection Addendum”

  1. This is the perfect “No, thank you” moment. I appreciate your time, support teaching calculus and for sure the video contributions. Don’t know if you got a chance to listen to that new My Favorite Theorem podcast, but our thoughts on the Mean Value Theorem are a perfect fit.

    1. I am always looking for new, fun podcasts. Just added this one to my Stitcher feed. Thanks again John for including me in this August group of math minds!

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