Non-Mathematical Musings

One of the great joys of my life these days have been long walks with my iPod Touch. Last winter I won a Fitbit Flex at a school raffle based on a wellness challenge. Since I got it I have been much more conscientious about being mobile and I am no fan of running so I take long walks. With my iPod earbuds in place I go off and I listen to podcasts. There is not enough time to listen to all that I want to. I subscribe to Radiolab, This American Life, Sound Opinions, The Memory Palace, 99% Invisible, The Moment, and Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. Early mornings, late nights, and long walks are filled with these voices and these ideas in my ear. The newest one that I added was The Moment and one episode in particular caught my attention. Brian Koppelman, the host, had Seth Godin as his guest. Now, I have to admit to being ignorant of Godin but I was intrigued enough that I dug through the podcast archives to find an earlier conversation with him. One thing in this world that makes me especially happy are when I find little synchronicities, little places where ideas converge or where I become aware of something then see it in other places. Well, one of those just popped up again. As I was in the midst of the podcast with Godin I got an email from one of my former colleagues, a woman named Gayle Allen. Gayle (you can find her here¬†or on twitter @GAllenTC) has been a great influence on me as an educator since I first interviewed with her for the job that brought me north from Florida. Gayle is a dynamic thinker and was a fantastic resource when we worked together. She challenged me to grow, to be more reflective, and to expand my world. She is one of the reasons my blog exists. I feel fortunate to have her as a friend and a wise voice when I need advice. Well, Gayle wrote to tell me that she is launching her own podcast and her first guest is, you guessed, Seth Godin. I am so excited for this endeavor and added her feed to my iPod this morning. I cannot wait to hear her conversation with Godin and I am excited to have her voice back in my ear. You should check out her site and listen in to hear what she is up to on her podcast.