Fishing for Ideas

When we return on Monday from our two week spring break, my AP Calculus BC kids will be finishing up their version of their Calc text with the final push of study on infinite series. We’ll be gearing up for our tour of Taylor and Maclaurin techniques. I want to design a final unit to tie together some loose ends from their trig days and formalize their knowledge of vectors. I feel that I can teach the required AP vector techniques in about 2 days but I want to craft something a little larger. I’d like to try and frame this by reviewing important trig highlights first. Our kids do not see DeMoivre’s Theorem in their precalc try unit and I don’t want to send them off to college without that tool. I am dreaming of a way to wrap all of this up in a nice, tidy bow. Trig/complex numbers/vectors as a meaningful and lively final unit. I have about two weeks before I would be starting this off in class and I would appreciate any clever ideas/links/words of encouragement/etc. that I can gather from the collected wisdom of my virtual colleagues.