Virtual Filing Cabinet

My attempt to keep track of all the goodies that the internet has to offer…

Algebra I

Mr. Vaudrey has a nice idea about an equation solving activity


A Nice intro Activity to Area and Perimeter from Illustrative Math

Tina’s Parallel Lines and Transversals Activity

Kate Nowak’s Intro to Trig Ratios

Nat offers a nice Similarity exercise with coffee cups

A great area problem tying together a bunch of shapes

Jennifer Wilson’s Intro To Trig Ratios using TI-Inspire

Tim Erickson’s Home plate Area Mystery

Sam Shah on Definitions in Geometry

Sam Shah’s Semi-Circle Activity

Don Steward presents some great trig problems

A fun exploration of Conditionals From Pam Wilson

An Intro to Proof Puzzle Activity by John O’Malley

Timon Piccini with a nice Volume/Surface Area 3-Act

A terrific wiki resource for Geometry activities

Her Mathness’ Curriculum Outline

Always-Sometimes-Never for Quadrilterals

Dance Dance Transversal from the algebrainiac

Sam Shah’s PCMI Inverse, Converse, etc

An Activity Exploring Polygon Angles from Do We Understand

A GeoGebra Right Triangle Activity

Lisabej worksheets on Discovering Trig Ratios

Tina’s Trig Ratio Intro Using GeoGebra

Mathy McMatherson’s Geometry Problem Generator

A terrific approach to the two Column Proof from Mrs. Reilly

Another hit from Mrs. Reilly (by way of Fawn Nguyen) – A Scale Factor Activity

A terrific circular arc problem from GoGeometry

Kate Nowak Argues for Transformational Geometry Proofs

Another nice take on proofs in HS math

Zach Creswell on SSA ambiguity

A Great Data Gathering Project Applying Similarity

The 1st Edition of My Geometry Text

Algebra II

Kate Nowak’s Log War game

Robert Kaplinsky’s In n Out Linear Systems Activity

James Cleveland’s Algebra Taboo Cards

A lovely Factoring Post by Meg

An absolute value graph activity

Miah World’s Consecutive Sums Lesson

PiMan has a lovely quadratic discussion here

A lovely exploration of sequences/series from Miah World

Michael Fenton’s Approach to Rational Exponents

Mathy Beagle has a great idea for function composition


Sam Shah’s Trig War Game

Lovely radian applet share by Sam Shah

A nice approach to the IVT from Mathy Beagle

A Fantastic Approach to Complex Numbers from Michael Pershan and Max Ray

A great Ferris Wheel Activity with Handouts from The Agony and dx/dt

Ben Orlin’s Explanation of Perms/Combs

A lovely vector addition applet

Don Steward’s Great Trig Problems (also in Geometry list)

A nice approach to the introduction of limits from Epsilon-Delta

John and Betty’s Journey into Imaginary Numbers


The great StatsMonkey Site by Jason Molesky

A rich source of Stats ideas

A fun applet for confidence intervals

One of my favorite graphics ever – all 100 meter runners in the modern olympics in one display


Inflection via Infection from Bowman Dickson

A slope field calculator

Michael Fenton’s use of Desmos for Linear Approximations

A terrific graph visualizer for func/deriv/integral

A terrific end of year project idea from poliquinmath

Sam Shah’s Power Rule Approach

Tim Erickson on the Calculus of Mercator Maps

Another Slope Field / Euler Table Link

Calculus Video Lessons

Houston ACT Calc Videos

A lovely vector addition applet

Interesting TED Talks and other videos

Malke Rosenfeld’s talk on the intersections math ed and dance

Teacher PD Ideas

On the benefits of teachers watching videos of classroom action

David Wees discusses what an effective math classroom looks like

Miscellaneous Fun

A great number puzzle for 2014

A useful resource to help student with TI skills

Some work I did in my doc student days – a lit review on arts integration

Another fun Number Puzzle

A promising set of Problem-Based Learning Activities


Frank Nochese on the power of whiteboards

Ben Orlin – Do You Have a Math ceiling?

More whiteboard wisdom from John Scammell

On Exploring/Changing Mindsets in the Classroom

On Technology in Education

An interesting way to demonstrate composition of functions and more (found in a comment link on Sam Shah’s blog)

A lovely post by Sean Nash on 1 – 1 initiatives

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